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Predators have a 94% increase in Revenue

Located in Mesa, Arizona, Predators Reptile Center specializes in all things that creep, crawl, sting and scare. They love selling exotic reptiles and helping customers learn more about their unique reptiles.

Before partnering with Bluume, small business owner Christian Kaleta felt that his average monthly revenue was enough to cover his bills and stay afloat, but his sales were no longer increasing. He knew he needed to invest in a new marketing strategy, in order to gain customers and grow, but something was holding him back. Maintaining his current customer base and trying to improve his daily operations took over his day. Christian knew he had to start somewhere, so he created a Facebook page for his business. It was a start, but there just wasn’t enough time in his day to create, post, manage and schedule the volume of content required to entice (and win) new customers.

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In Q1 of 2015, Bluume and Predators began their partnership, established monthly goals, and implementing a plan that would eventually lead to enough growth to open a second location.

How did we do it?

  • We made sure Predators was visible to every potential customer looking for exotic reptiles in Arizona or online. Bluume optimized hundreds of online listings for Predators to ensure their presence and accuracy on local and mobile search engines.
  • Bluume’s team of experts designed comprehensive marketing campaigns (ads, channels of promotion, imagery, messaging, targeting, landing pages, email communication, etc.) to offer discounts on ticket sales for Predators’ 2017 Reptile Expo. This campaign helped Predators gain traction on their online presence, earned a conversion rate of almost 3x the industry average and boosted foot traffic to attract attendance from 4,000 reptile lovers.
  • To help with efficiency, we installed a new tablet POS system to simplify accounting and inventory management and broadband Internet service to keep their business moving as fast as the reptiles within it.
  • Expanding upon the need for an increased online presence, we developed a content creation and posting strategy across the most popular social media platforms, to help Predators establish their brand, connect with current and new customers, and promote their offers.
  • We started responding to the ongoing conversation customers about Predators online through their reviews. Most of the feedback from customers was overwhelmingly positive; however, we were able to identify major trends within the negative reviews to help Christian gain an advantage over his competitors and more insight into the needs of his customers.

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What were the results?

  • Massive growth in 18 months!
  • 94% spike in revenue.
  • 333% increase in followers across all social media platforms.
  • Preparing to open a second location, made possible by the huge surge in customer acquisition from Bluume’s marketing campaigns and promotions.

Where are they now?

  • Predators is still a part of the Bluume family!
  • Increased their average monthly revenue to $70,000 (42% higher than when they began working with Bluume!)
  • Projected to earn $1 million in annual revenue in 2017 – a huge uptick from the $360,000 yearly revenue earned in 2015!

By Rhett Doolittle

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Habit Salon grew followers by 70,000!

If you haven’t heard of Habit Salon yet, get ready to spend your next few hours being mesmerized by their incredible online social media presence.

If you don’t personally know one of their 111k Instagram followers or haven’t braided your hair along with one of their hundreds of tutorials, you may have seen their trademark perfectly tousled tresses on fitness stars such as Heidi Powell, Real Housewife Kim Zolciak Biermann, in photo shoots directed by industry-leading photographer Ty French or even in your Instagram feed from top beauty influencers that boast millions of followers.

Habit Salon, owned by Chrissy Rasmussen, built a nationally-known brand that continues to see success proven by their huge following – but it didn’t happen overnight.

How did we do it?

  • First, we cleaned up their social media profiles to create a great foundation for our new content. Optimization was performed on every element of their page – from their business description, to public photos.
  • Partnered with the Habit stylists by creating a picture station, ideal for capturing the final product, showcasing beautiful work and ensuring a consistent flow of content to utilize.
  • After building a huge content library, we committed to posting at least 1-2 times per day and implementing a tagging and hashtag strategy on every photo to include the client, top salons, beauty influencers and industry publications.
  • Created a video strategy for tutorials on the most popular services (braids, cuts, color, waves) to help Habit-lovers create the look from home. While social content displayed quick views, all posts linked to full-length videos on their YouTube channel to boost search engine rankings.
  • Built relationship with local Instagram influencers: in exchange for modeling for hair tutorials, we’d crosspost and promote content.

What were the results we get in 16 months?

  • 400% increase in revenue
  • Grew followers from 700 to 70,000
  • Achieved over 500,000 views on Habit’s YouTube channel

Where are they now?

  • If you’re trying to get an appointment, plan on being flexible with your schedule or waiting awhile for your stylist to get availability – they’re constantly booked!
  • Followers have reached over 111k, and it’s still growing.
  • Our tagging strategy helped Habit Stylists create their own brand to obtain thousands of followers to showcase their personal work.
  • Chrissy and her team are able to fly around the country to salons to partner in providing services to clients not located in Arizona and providing education to salon owners to teach their methods.
  • Building their brand is an understatement – they just launched their own line of hair extensions and services for events!

By Rhett Doolittle

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Gelato Spot increased reputation by a full star!

In almost every city, there’s no shortage in the number of ice cream locations available to satisfy your cravings. After the huge spike in fro-yo franchises like Pinkberry and Yogurtland, you’ve probably found yourself noticing the self-serve locations for sweets on your daily commute.

Though these locations have seen success, they were ultimately built to capitalize on trends at the height of their popularity. Our partner Mei Lee, owner of the Gelato Spot, has built her multi-location business to capitalize on what sets her apart: authenticity, developing their craft from Northern Italian techniques and scaling their strict old-world standards to more than just  gelato.

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Though these locations have seen success, they were ultimately built to capitalize on trends at the height of their popularity. Our partner Mei Lee, owner of the Gelato Spot, has built her multi-location business to capitalize on what sets her apart: authenticity, developing their craft from Northern Italian techniques and scaling their strict old-world standards to more than just  gelato.

Gelato Spot has three locations (with a fourth on the way!) in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Though they’re known for their creamy gelato, their menu includes wood-fired pizza and fresh brewed coffee that keep customers and potential franchisees coming back for more. Their plans to scale the already massive growth they’ve experienced are underway; at one point, success at this level didn’t seem feasible for Mei.

In 2014, Gelato Spot’s sales had been on the decline for three full years; this helped Mei decide it was time to get help on improving their online reputation strategy, branding, and internal operations. Bluume and Gelato Spot began their partnership in 2014 to implement a plan for growth to deliver a better customer experience, enough sales to justify a fourth location and building a brand that opened the door to bigger opportunities.

How did we do it?

  • We needed to understand the reason for three years of declining sales and found the answer within Gelato Spot’s online reviews. The average review communicated a great product, but poor customer service experience. We worked with Mei to build a customer service training program for current and new employees to help them understand how to improve the dining experience and tough situations  and set clear expectations on how they conduct themselves as a representative of the Gelato Spot Brand.
  • In addition to building a customer service training, Bluume individually responded to every negative online review the Gelato Spot had received and incentivized them to return with an offer to make up for their bad experience. Mei noticed a huge uptick in sales in the following month from this strategy alone!
  • As their menu evolved, so did the need for Gelato Spot’s branding to reflect their growth. We worked with Mei to make her vision a reality and completed a full rebrand for the Gelato Spot through their logo, coffee/ice cream cups, website and marketing materials.
  • We took advantage of new technology: we helped organize their back of house with full rewiring and installed a simplified POS system for better communication with the kitchen staff with a streamlined ordering system.
  • We utilized their existing customer-facing WiFi to gain social followers by directing customers to check in via Facebook prior to obtaining their wireless access – this brought a large increase in likes, check-ins, and engagement on content we created for them!
  • We optimized their social profiles and local listings to show their rebrand and communicate that they were open all day and offered more than just gelato!

What were the results?

  • Increased Gelato Spot’s average customer rating from 3.5 to 4.5.
  • By improving operations through a new POS system, rewiring and business consulting, we decreased their operational costs & increased overall profitability across all three locations.
  • Our WiFi and content posting strategies helped increase followers by 200% in the first 6 months of working together.
  • Their reputation management strategy has not only helped current employees understand how to navigate difficult situations, but also increased sales and 5-star reviews from their offers making up for negative experiences.

Where are they now?

  • Their constant uptick in revenue and new customers has created enough demand and revenue to support a fourth location.
  • Social engagement from their current and potential customers has increased significantly month over month.
  • After being approached by multiple investors, Mei has decided to bring Gelato Spot to the next level and scale their national presence by planning the rollout of their franchise opportunities.

By Rhett Doolittle

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Ranch House Grille Grew Facebook by 77%

Southwestern hospitality, hearty breakfast fare, and incredible chicken fried steak are all part of the experience at Ranch House Grille in Scottsdale, AZ. The small-town feel typically reserved for Midwestern suburbs comes through immediately – and that feeling is exactly what Leland Cline envisioned creating when he opened the doors of Ranch House Grille.

Leland is an expert in Southwestern food – but self-admittedly, isn’t an expert when it comes to handling the marketing for his business.

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As a business owner, Leland doesn’t have enough time in his day to run his kitchen and Facebook ads simultaneously. He had worked with various marketing firms in the past, but wasn’t seeing the ROI or any new customers… partly because the content generated was inauthentic and partly because they didn’t target ads to his audience.

That’s where we came in and started our partnership with Ranch House Grille.  Our ads increased their brand’s reach by almost 9x the industry average… which brought in an insane amount of new customers, particularly for their lunch hours. Leland said it best, stating that “Getting people in the door is not my forte.. now there is someone who knows what they are doing and they are doing it correctly so I don’t have to think about it”.  

How did we do it?

  • Optimized and corrected their online and local listings to make sure they were found by customers.
  • Created and posted original content that matched Leland’s brand voice and shifted focus to his team instead of his menu.
  • Partnered with Leland to develop a comprehensive reputation management strategy, personalized for both positive and negative experiences with corresponding offers and specials for each.
  • Built and designed ads promoting an offer to entice new customers and gain additional foot traffic during their slow lunch.
  • Created branded landing pages optimized for mobile devices to capture customer information and stored within Leland’s personal CRM system.
  • Designed a workflow of follow-up email communication to supplement customers with their coupon, additional offers and opportunities to follow their social media accounts.

What were the results?

  • In one month, we increased their Facebook reach by 77.8%.
  • After implementing our comprehensive marketing system, Leland had his best-performing year in Ranch House history!

Where are they now?

  • Ranch House Grille is still serving up the best chicken fried steak Arizona has to offer.
  • Increasing wait times for both breakfast and lunch, due to the amount of new customers from Bluume’s offer campaigns.
  • Developing additional menu items and offers with Bluume to help open another location.

By Rhett Doolittle

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IBD hits $30,000 in ROI

Your home design is everything that makes up who you are – your passions, lifestyle, family, and personality are all captured in the look and feel of your personal space. However, blending an aesthetic that captures your personal style with a space that’s actually livable is a talent only a few designers accomplish. Alicia Newman, owner of IBD Studio, is one of the few designers that can make your house feel like the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Alicia began her journey in digital marketing by trying to navigate social media and ad campaigns on her own. Between managing multiple design projects, balancing multiple vendors, and maintaining her day-to-day operations, she was overwhelmed by how to find the right combination of online products to expand her brand’s reach to find qualified customers.

Bluume began working with Alicia to help find the perfect product blend to get her more new customers – and an actual return on her marketing spend – so she could get back to doing what she loves. She now has a huge ROI from one month of marketing campaigns and an unreal conversion rate.

“ Bluume was able to take some of that stress off my shoulders, but it has become more than that. It’s a true partner! I now have a marketing firm as another arm of IBD studio. Bluume has been a wonderful tool as a small business owner because I know it’s getting done, I see the results and then I go back and start designing and getting back to work for my clients.”

– Alicia Newman 2017

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How did we do it?

  • Showcased Alicia’s beautiful designs on all social media platforms – particularly the visually-focused mediums of Pinterest and Instagram – to create additional buzz and reach.
  • Utilized Alicia’s huge content library of design work to create a posting strategy across social media with original content and tags/mentions of influencers in the design field on a local and national level to aid in social presence and support her public relations strategy.
  • Designed an advertising campaign to promote an offer outside of the industry norms; including the copy, imagery, A/B testing strategy of the ads and landing pages, and lookalike audiences to remarket to potential new customers.
  • Designed email automation based on user behavior from the landing page to deliver customize messaging to each customer based on the action path they took.
  • Helped Alicia organize her customer contact information in a CRM system and trained her team on the platform to track where they came from, products they’ve purchased, email communication sent and score them based on quality.

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What were the results?

  • Within the first month of her advertising campaign, Bluume generated $30,000 in ROI for IBD Studio from our targeted approach
  • Her advertising campaign from Bluume boasts an 100% conversion rate (for context – the industry standard is 9.21%)
  • She now has a huge presence on social media with optimized profiles. Her client engagement on the original content we post on their behalf is up month over month.

Where are they now?

  • Finding more new customers across the Scottsdale area with Bluume: check out their client showcase hydrocodone 750mg dosage!

By Rhett Doolittle

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Parkhouse Eatery Increased Traffic In 6 Months!

Parkhouse Eatery is not your typical San Diego restaurant. Their menu options bring a simple elegance to their location, a house that once held the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store! When paired with the neighborhood feel and year-round patio weather in San Diego, it’s become loved by Southern California locals and visitors alike.

Parkhouse owner, Tony Loiacono, relied on word-of-mouth to get new customers for years. It worked for awhile… until a positive online presence and digital marketing became imperative for businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry. After exploring his options, trying social media management himself, and working with another company short-term, Tony reached out to Bluume and asked us for help.

Bluume worked with Tony to identify his goals and made it our mission to make a huge impact on his breakfast/ brunch sales and ROI.

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“After working with Bluume for the first 6 months, I have seen such an increase in interactive traffic and business, I had decided to sign on with the next level. I highly recommend teaming up with Bluume. They are professional and they deliver.”  Tony Loiacono – Owner of Parkhouse Eatery – San Diego, CA

How did we do it?

  • Optimized over 150 online and local listings to correct his address and correct hours of operation.
  • Refreshed his social media presence with brand new profile and cover photos, descriptions and consistent branding.
  • Coordinated a photo shoot at his location to build up a library of over 500 images.
  • Created custom content with a strategic posting calendar to promote the ambiance, menu items, and breakfast/brunch experience to generate more buzz for Parkhouse.
  • Ran targeted marketing campaigns promoting his breakfast/brunch specials and offers.
  • Built out a reputation management strategy to respond to every review and provide special offers to reviewers who gave 1-3 stars to entice them to give Parkhouse a second chance.
  • Designed email marketing in the form of newsletters and automated follow-up sequences to keep a steady conversation with his current customers and entice them to come back.

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What were the results?

  • After 3 months of optimizations, improvements, content and tactics, we were able to generate a huge increase in breakfast and brunch attendance and sales.
  • Bluume increased the average ticket price by providing Tony with market research of his competitors.
  • Brought back 25% of lost customers from negative reviews with our reputation management strategy.
  • Raised their star rating on Yelp from a 3 to a 4 in just 8 months!

Where are they now?

  • Since Bluume has taken over their social media Parkhouse Eatery has been able to spend the time they want on creating the perfect restaurant atmosphere and trendy meals.
  • They are continuing to grow with Bluume in various ways. Some of those ways being through online social media postings, reputation management, and online marketing campaigns.

By Rhett Doolittle

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World Class Marketing for Business Owners

Many small business owners often find themselves questioning their marketing strategies and become disappointed when they don’t see the results they had originally hoped for. The key to generating more leads that convert to sales from your world class marketing efforts is finding the right balance between advertising and creating engaging content. 

According to Boundless.com a push marketing strategy is, “a strategy that places the product in front of the customer, via a form of hydrocodone 7 mg.” For instance, a Facebook Ad is a conscious effort to make your customers aware of you, as you push it on them. Whereas a pull strategy is, “a strategy that stimulates demand and motivates customers to actively seek out a specific product.” A business experiences this type of pull marketing when it receives a five-star review! Begin with a push, follow that up with another push and then pull them in. [bctt tweet=”World class marketing requires both push and pull to be successful.”]

With that being said, both push and pull marketing play an extremely important role in 25 mg hydrocodone effects for your company. For the sake of making this concept simple, we will refer to push marketing as advertising, and pull as organic content creation.

However, they must be used simultaneously in order to work effectively. Using one without the other is like riding a bike with only one pedal. It simply doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. In order to find a steady ratio between content and advertising, you must first understand how using it will affect your business.

hydrocodone apap mg and you will need a good balance of hydrocodone pills mg marketing to keep up with that change. This balance is not the same for every business, as it must be catered specifically to your business and target audience.

Hydrocodone 10 325 mg dosage, Buy hydrocodone online without membership

The use of push marketing – more specifically – advertising, can be traced back multiple centuries, gaining prominence in the 1800’s as business owners began to see the benefits of advertising by promoting their businesses to a wide audience. The concept of push marketing is to press your product(s) onto the customers and hope they purchase it. Whether it’s sending out digital marketing ads, printing flyers to hand out, giving out samples, or shipping your products to hundreds of retail stores, a push strategy can be used to get your product/service in front of potential customers.

Originally, the only other form of promotion was word-of-mouth. Then as competition increased, it was not enough to sustain and grow a business. Naturally, businesses had to get more aggressive.

Push marketing quickly took over the business field and became a primary source of getting new customers. This resulted in companies using mass-advertising such as; T.V. commercials, flyers, billboards, banners on websites, radio ads and even guys spinning signs on street corners in attempts of getting their product or service to reach as many people as possible, even if no one wants to see it.

Push strategies will bring awareness to large audiences, but the conversion rate is typically low, and low conversion rates lead to wasted ad spend and even worse – wasted time. Advertisers and marketers have struggled with this problem for decades, but it’s not an “either or” decision. World class marketing includes a strategy that incorporates both. The balance of this strategy is constantly being tweaked in order to find the right fit and maximize conversion rates as well as profitability.

Pull (Content)

Thanks to recent advancements in technology marketers have found new ways to gather customers without forcing their product onto them. This is done through organically creating content. When a person searches or “Googles” a business, they are actively seeking it out. However, when they stumble upon a site with related content and choose to click on it, this is pull. Otherwise known in the marketing world as organic SEO.

When posting on social media channels, remember that you could be pulling in a potential new customer. You’re not forcing an idea or product on anybody, but you’re providing an update or educating people that are already connected or interested. Those people may share your content with their friends, which can pull more people in and grow your audience.

(Video) content is key. You have to show people who you are and if you aren’t shooting content and putting yourself out there you’re not relevant.” Ban Bacal (instagram.com/benbacalestates)

Content creation can be utilized in both push or pull strategies. However, even though using advertising in your pull strategy can be very beneficial (i.e. discount promotions), the best way to organically attract new consumers is to provide value for them. Whether it’s educating them, solving their problems, or giving them something they want, it’s best to deliver that value through tools such as; Blogs, SEO, attractive and informative social media posts, online reputation, etc.

In 2017, if you are a business or organization of any kind that wants to be heard in the world, refocusing on the content you put out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Linkedin, Medium, and whatever else has the market’s attention at the time, is a huge factor.” “No amount of paid media is going to turn bad creative into good content.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

A great example of a successful pull strategy is the TOMS 1 500 mg hydrocodone; a campaign for the health and education issues children in third world countries face every day. They engaged their customers by bringing a current crisis to their attention and then encouraged them to take action by sharing their own stories. TOMS business mission is to provide shoes for every child in need and they do this by giving away one pair of shoes for every pair purchased. The “One Day Without Shoes Campaign” propelled their brand to new heights by equaling more sales than ever before, and they did it without much advertising.

The balance between push and pull marketing is custom to every business. [bctt tweet=”#TOMS perfected world class marketing with this simple strategy. #withoutshoes”] TOMS succeeded by having a heavier pull strategy and a lot less advertising. This worked well for them because it catered to their businesses marketing strategy specifically.

How did they do it? They posted about their event on all social media outlets and created the hashtag #withoutshoes. In order to spread the word, they encouraged their customers to go a whole day without wearing shoes and post pictures of their experiences. In return, TOMS promised to provide shoes for children in need when a picture was posted with the designated hashtag. In 2015 they managed to give a total of 265,000 pairs of shoes to children in need during this campaign (hydrocodone bitar 1 mg/ml). This has now become an annual event, occurring every year with thousands of participants all around the world. This natural pull strategy is still running today as TOMS continues to promote “One Day Without Shoes” with almost zero push needed.

The goal of a pull strategy is to make your online presence as appealing, original, and informational as possible. [bctt tweet=”World class marketing makes your online presence the best it can be.”]

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Eighty-one percent of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase” – Kimberlee Morrison (minewhat.com)

If your online presence is poor, you will never be found. The stronger your online presence, the more customers you will pull in! In fact, this blog can even be used to; educate more small business owners, improve our engagement with our target audience, improve our organic SEO, and hopefully get new clients.

How The Market Has Shifted:

Push strategy plays a very important role in world class marketing, however, when it is used in correlation to a strong pull strategy, a business’s overall customer acquisition will become infinitely better.

A lot of companies have realized this big gap when engaging with customers since their push marketing isn’t producing the same returns as it used to. This created a new is 5 500 mg hydrocodone strong They began to focus more on engagement with their customers through pull marketing. When they focus on pull marketing they also key into a value exchange strategy and instead of just putting their brand out there, they provide value to their customers.

Figure out what balance your business needs

Ultimately, there is no secret formula that will magically work for your business. In fact, when it comes to businesses, the “blanket effect” never works, since every business is unique.

Copying someone else’s system is not the answer. There is no one system that fits all companies equally well or works under all circumstances. There is nothing wrong, of course, with learning from others.”
(Harvard Business Review)

Find a 7.5mg hydrocodone stay in urinebetween push and pull marketing for your company. You’ll need to test and re-test. It will take time and commitment, but it is crucial that you find the right mix between push and pull defining your company’s balance.

As a general rule, start with more pull and less push, measure your results, and then change your strategy. Next, keep the pull amount the same and do more push, measure your results, and compare the two. Then you can start making minor changes, but always make sure you’re measuring and reviewing the results consistently.

Base your decisions on factual data that you collect on engagement rather than your gut instinct.

Your strategy should be measured every 30 days to let it run its course and give you enough data to make an educated decision. As a general rule, we would start with a 3:1 ratio of pull:push for 30 days and then adjust. Next, switch to a 3:2 ratio strategy and see if it improves in the next 30 days. You can then continue to improve your content while you’re tweaking the balance until you find a good balance.

We know this from experience, it’s something that Bluume constantly does internally as well as externally, for our clients. Learning how to balance your push and pull marketing can change course over your company’s lifespan, but following this strategy will lead to an increase in leads and a decrease in your Average Cost Per Acquisition. If you need help, we’ve got you covered hydrocodone 325 mg street price

Consistently Improve By Constantly A/B Testing

A/B testing is the most time and cost efficient way to increase your ROI, in all aspects of digital marketing. If there’s one thing you take away from this blog, it should be the hydrocodone cough syrup for saleeverything you can.

Smart promotion creates a snowball effect as you quickly figure out hydrocodone w/apap 7.5/325mg and how you can use that information to influence your strategy moving forward. – Neil Patel

It’s important to find out what works best for your business, industry, and target market since no business is the same. [bctt tweet=”It’s important to make this world class marketing strategy work for your business. “] Your company’s growth is essential in that you never just make one form of an advertisement, landing page, or email. A/B testing is the most accurate and effective way to know what works best. Don’t just trust your personal judgment, let the data you collect from testing decide instead of getting emotionally attached to either choice. It is important to constantly monitor and improve your A/B tests in order to reap the most benefits from your balanced push/pull strategy.

buy hydrocodone over the phone to discover the all-in-one tool to help you monitor your online presence and much more.

“Bluume believes in the entrepreneurial spirit, as it’s our core focus to help small business
owners. We’re dedicated to serving the small business market with our cutting edge world class marketing and real-time marketing software.”- CEO, Rhett Doolittle.

World Class Marketing

The most successful and profitable businesses have world class marketing systems. A major part of a world class marketing system is the ability to properly market your business and successfully reach your target audience at the same time. Once you do this successfully, you will have a highly profitable business.

You’re in business to make money, provide a product or service to people who need it, and hopefully to spend your time doing something you truly love. We know that finding a balance between push and pull, A/B testing, and continuing to run your business is a lot to manage.

The time and resources it takes to do all of this are what’s most difficult, but that’s why we created Bluume. We not only take all of this off your plate, but we aim to turn your business into a revenue generating sales machine. Click below to learn more about our programs and we look forward to talking with you soon.


By Rhett Doolittle

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5 Ways Local Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Pokemon Go Craziness

Pokemon Go for Local Businesses

We’ve been working with several of our clients to take advantage of this Pokemon Go game craziness. We’ve seen some impressive results quickly and there are businesses across the country that are reporting 75-150% increases in revenue in just 4 short days. Any business can do the same with a little strategy, urgency and focus.

Bluume is here to help. oxycodone 30 mg vs 10 mg hydrocodone

A little background:

The “augmented reality game app” called Pokemon Go has gone viral and there’s a way for local businesses to take advantage of this time. If you haven’t seen people walking around in public with their phone in the air doing crazier things than normal, then you will soon. What businesses need to know is that there are a lot of people out there chasing down different places that have special items to capture within the game. Luckily, businesses can pay to have their place of business be one of these places, and “LURE” people into their local business.

What can your local business do to capture business from this viral game craze?

  1. Within the game there are PokéStops and Gyms where people get items and train their avatar to reach higher levels within the game. The first thing to do is find out if your business is one of these PokéStops or Gyms. The easiest way is to download the game and find out.
  2. If your business isn’t one of these places, it’s likely that there is one nearby. Announce to your staff and on your social media pages where these spots are nearby your business, and make an offer to people who stop by your business on the way.
  3. Sign up for the game and purchase a “LURE” at your location to bring players into your business. There are different price levels for Lure’s, and availability may be limited, but give it a try. The last time we checked it was only $10 per day.
  4. One way to get people to come in and to stay there is to offer free charging of player’s cell phones.
  5. Figure out a way to get people to spend money while they’re in your business. You can offer a picture contest of people that come in because of the game, and make it a requirement that they take a picture with your food, product or staff.

It may be better if your business is NOT one of these key PokéStops or Gyms because then people may flood into your business and it might disrupt your existing business. However, there’s always a creative way to take advantage of anything that brings large groups of people together towards a common goal. This isn’t going to be the last or the only game like this, so you better be prepared.

Like anything, if you’re going to do something around Pokémon Go, you should define your outcome from participating. Maybe you’re a restaurant and it’s a great way to get new customers. If not, maybe you just want to increase your social media reach and connect with more people. Either is fine, but make sure your team is aware of what you’re doing and have a clear goal in mind for your strategy.

If you have time to do it yourself and want to try to figure out how to take advantage of this time on your own then here’s a great 10mg hydrocodone 325mg acetaminophenon how to do so.

However, we can help as we’re doing with all of our clients.

At Bluume, we’re always looking for ways to create value for our clients and this is something we can help with right away. We’re calling all our existing clients and figuring out different ways they might be able to take advantage of this time, but it’s not too late for us to create a strategy for you as well. Click below to schedule a demo of our services and we’ll discuss ways you might be able to take advantage of this time too!

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By Rhett Doolittle

street value of hydrocodone 5mg 325mg

how many 10mg hydrocodone to get high

Value is Trending in 2016 – How To Take Advantage in Marketing for Small Business

Value is trending. More importantly, FREE value is trending in 2016, so how does this affect marketing for small business? When we see or read something of true value it makes us happy, confident, motivated, calm, and every other positive feeling imaginable. It seems obvious but businesses aren’t taking advantage of this fundamental truth. In order for your business to succeed, you must provide real value during every customer interaction. Accordingly, as you read this email, Bluume had better provide you with some real value, too, or we’ll lose you. Keep reading…we’ll get to that. First, some expert advice about using free value offers in your business.

Every business needs customers to survive, every business that comes to Bluume is seeking MORE customers, and marketing for small business is the key. In order to get more customers, businesses have to attract new leads, qualify those leads, and then convert then into paying customers through a unique sales process. When this process is operating successfully you are acquiring the greatest number of qualified leads possible for the least cost possible. Every business owner imagines there’s a magical ingredient that acts as a catalyst in this exchange. ONE hyper-engaging social media post that attracts millions of followers. ONE golden email that wrangles in thousands of new subscribers. ONE miraculous video that goes viral immediately. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, that magical ingredient that takes a company from zero to a million in one action does not exist. However, there is something that is always trending, that will attract eyes to your business, and can be filtered down to your ideal customers. It’s free value.

Always be creating value for your customers, give them the value, communicate the value, and follow up with them. So the question becomes, how much value should you give away? As a business owner looking to grow your customer base you’ve probably come across value offers that say something like, “To attract 1,000 new subscribers in 30 days click here,” or “Click here to get the free manual for your first 10K Instagram followers,” or “Attract new customers by downloading this e-book.” These offers sound amazing, but then we click, submit our email, re-submit our information, and ultimately receive about 5% of what we really wanted and were promised. By the time we get any value we’re let down and disappointed in the entire process. We’re annoyed and we definitely do not trust that business enough to buy anything. These tricks used to entice people to give away their contact information without giving away too much value. Like most old tricks, they’ve grown stale and people have become numb to them.
So, how much value should you give away? What if the value a business gave us met our expectations at a level of 100% without asking for anything in return? What would that look like? How would you feel about that organization? You’d be thankful that they gave you something of real value without asking for anything in return. You would feel confident about working with that business in the future. This is the approach that has proved to be the most successful. This is why free value is trending. We get something of value without having to give anything, and we naturally want to interact with that business again.

Free value is the elusive, magical marketing ingredient in today’s social media, online, and digital world. Give real value that’s unique to your business, that no other business can offer, give it to people for free, make it easy to get it, and don’t ask for anything in return. (Of course, you must keep communicating and have a follow up process to connect with your leads, just don’t force them to do anything.) Now, I’m not saying that every business should give away their “secret sauce” recipe, the only thing that sets you apart from your competition. Usually, there’s something small that every business has that sets them apart from their competition, and can be given away as a free introductory offer to potential new customers. Once you identify what this is for your business, share your value offer as often as you can. Be creative, sharing it in posts, pictures, videos, and how-to guides.

Yes, free value is trending, and Bluume is following its own advice. In addition to the free guidance above, we have a free e-book we’d like to give you. It’s called How-To Optimize Your Social Media Sites for Your Business, and covers Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, and Yelp. There’s an easy-to-use checklist at the end that really organizes and brings it all together for you. We’re adding the finishing touches as we speak and will be delivering How-To Optimize Your Social Media Sites for Your Business to everyone who is interested. Click below to receive your free copy.

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