Project Description

Client Issues:

The Gelato Spot had reached their 10 year anniversary, but the new customer growth was not there like it used to be. They needed to make improvements all around in order to start attracting new loyal customers. The business was using an outdated, unreliable POS system that was consuming time and money. They had a branding issue: marketing new hot food products in a gelato shop to earn revenue in the winter when people thought they just sold gelato. They didn’t know how to get the word out that they had a revamped menu that included some of the best pizza in town. In addition, their recent online customer reviews were trending negatively, which was putting their business at further risk for a steep decline in revenue.

Bluume’s solutions:

Bluume updated the client’s POS system, developed a reputation & review strategy, advised specific staff training, and launched new marketing and social media campaigns. We rebranded to encompass the new food products, and updated online, mobile & local search tools targeting their ideal customers. The client’s sales are now the best in 4 years and increasing every month. We did a photo shoot to capture all the new food they’re offering, and launched a new website in December of 2015. We’ve recently added online ordering for gelato cakes, and will add pizza delivery next. They currently have 3 locations, but with all the improvements they’ve made over the past year they’re being approached with franchising opportunities. Before working with Bluume revenues were declining the previous 3+ years. In the first 9 months of working with Bluume, revenue is up 20% and steadily increasing. This is a great example of new customer growth for an established business of 10+ years and now has a bright “bluuming” future.

Project Detail